Elvie Donelson

My name is Mrs. Donelson and I will be your child’s Mathematics teacher this year at Nolan Richardson Middle School.  I am excited for the opportunity to share your child with you during this year.
My expectations for my students are the same as those I have for myself – to be prepared and ready to work each day.  Please encourage your student to do their best, and to finish assignments on time.  I expect all students to treat each other as they would like to be treated - with respect.  Honesty and integrity will be expected of everyone. 

  Communication is essential in helping your child be successful in my class.  There are several things parents can do to help their children be successful.  These include:

  • Checking your child’s agenda for assignments
  • Keeping all contact information up to date
  • Please inform me if any issues arise
  • Please return phone calls promptly
  • Don’t assume every phone call is a bad one
  • Checking my website:  for assignments (I should have it up dated soon)


Mrs. Donelson’s Classroom Rules
I expect all my students to come to class ready to work.  No one has the right to interfere with the learning of others.  Students are expected to work diligently and with other students when required.  Based on these principles the following is expected of all students:


1. Prompt be on time and in seat, ready to work

2. Preparedbring all necessary materials

3. Politebe respectful, kind, no bullying, etc.

4. Participate be actively engaged in lessons

5. Professional do your best job; follow the dress code and school rules


**Failure to follow the above rules may result in the following:

  1. A verbal warning/prompt                                                                   
  2. Parent contact
  3. After school detention with parent contact
  4. Parent/student/teacher conference
  5. A written referral

       * For misconduct such as fights, weapons, assault, etc. the student will be immediately referred to the office.



Homework Policy


  • Homework will be assigned most every day in my class.
  • All homework is due the next day at the beginning of class, unless otherwise stated.  Fifteen points will be deducted each day for late work, except in certain circumstances, i.e. illness, family emergency, etc.  (all of which must be verified by documentation.)
  • If the assignment is not handed in a “Missing Assignment” sheet will be given to the student.  The assignment must be turned in the following day for any credit. 
  • Make-up work is allowed if a student was absent due to illness, etc.  Assignments are due in a reasonable timeframe (usually 1-3 days).  A “While you were absent” folder is located in my classroom and students are required to check it for assignments when they return from an absence.  If there is no assignment in it, please ask me for any missing work.
  • Grades below a 70 may be redone or corrected for a grade up to 70.  All corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper with work shown in order to receive credit. All redo’s or corrections are due the day after it has been returned to student.
  • I do not like to see students fail, I will do anything I can as long as our student is willing to come to tutoring and help himself.