Selina Sifuentes

Ms. Sifuentes


8th Grade Mathematics

Classroom Rules/Policies

•  Students are expected to come to class on time and prepared every day.
•  All work must be done in pencil.  Any assignment done in ink will be returned    and student will be asked to redo the assignment in pencil.
•  Students must show work on every assignment.  No work, No grade.
•  Students are to keep hands and feet to themselves.
•  Students must raise their hand to ask any question.
•  If a bathroom break is needed, the student must sign out and in on a sheet located in the back of the class. 

Classroom Consequences:

Step 1:  Verbal Warning

Step 2:  Informal Written Warning and Call home

Step 3:  Call home/Parent Conference

Step 4:  Referral

*Tutoring is available every day, except Tuesdays.*