John Gardea

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Coach Gardea

<I have been a teacher with EPISD since 1996 and started working at Nolan Richardson Middle School ever since the doors opened back in 1998.  Currently I am a PE coach and I also coach girls volleyball and basketball.  

Class Rules

  1. Shorts or sweats must not be baggy, and shorts must be the appropriate length (See P.E. uniform policy) Pajamas, slippers or any boot type shoes are not allowed in P.E.
  2. No street shoes are allowed on the gymnasium floor.
  3. Candy, gum, food or drinks are not allowed in the gym or locker rooms.  Water bottles are recommended for outdoor activities.
  4. No rocks are to be picked up or thrown at any time.
  5. Students must be in the locker rooms on time and will be issued detention after being tardy three times.
  6. Listen and follow directions at all times.
  7. Be respectful to others and their property.
  8. No electronic devices allowed in P.E. at anytime.

Consequences for Misbehavior

  1. First infractions = verbal warning
  2. Second infraction = Teacher/Student conference
  3. Third infraction = Teacher/Parent conference
  4. Fourth infraction = Referral to administration

Severe Behavior Clause:  For serious offenses students will automatically receive a referral to the administration as well as parental contact.

Daily Procedure

  1. Report to the locker room and suit out unless otherwise directed by your coach.
  2. When released from the locker room classes will report to the gym or the class room depending on the activity.
  3. Students that have P.E. for the day will do warm up exercises and condition.
  4. Students will participate in the daily activity.
  5. After the daily activity classes will return to the locker room and must change back into their school uniform.  Students will remain in the locker room until they are dismissed by the coach.

Grading Policy

Students will receive a grade based on the following components:

  1. Participation in class using proper attire that promotes physical activity and prevents injury.

    Grading Policy continued …

  2. Assessment of activities conducted in the health class room or in physical education.


There is a dress code for physical education classes and students must wear proper attire for safety issues.  Students are required to wear plain gray, white or school logo T-shirts (No collared shirts).  Sweat pants or shorts may be gray, navy blue or dark green.  Shorts need to be knee length or longer.  Shoes must be non-marking tennis style shoes (No boots or platform shoes are allowed). Students will be given seven minutes at the beginning and the end of class to change clothes.

Locker Room rules

  1. You must use a combination lock (Do not use locks that are from Brinks, military or that use keys).
  2. Do not bring any valuables into the locker rooms.  COACHES WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.
  3. Maintain proper hygiene.
  4. Write your name on all gym clothes and line your basket with a plastic bag.
  5. Dress appropriately for the weather (i.e. hat, visor, shorts, gloves, jacket, sweats etc…)
  6. No spray type deodorants, perfumes or cologne in the locker rooms.
  7. No horse playing, pushing, running or bullying at any time!

Medical/Illness excuses

If your child cannot participate due to an illness or injury they may be excused from physical activities for up to three calendar days with a written note.  If a student cannot participate for a period greater than three calendar days then a note from a physician is required.  Should you have any concerns, please contact your child’s coach at 822-8829.