Ivonne Warren

Hello students and parents,

        Welcome to the start of another amazing school year! I am asking you to read the following information and click through the links above to learn more about my class.  I am really looking forward to working with students and parents and I hope to learn as much from  you as you learn from me!  Thank you for taking the time to go through the site to observe the rules and expectations to make this year a successful one and an important one in the students learning career!

Reach for the stars, 
Mrs. Warren

Instructional Goals

  • To meet the requirements set forth by the state of Texas for Science TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).
  • To provide a technology rich environment so each student exceeds the standard for Technology use.
  • To provide a warm, welcoming learning environment that embraces all levels and types of learners and to nurture their individual strengths.

Please click here to visit my Science webpage.