Maria Djebrane

Welcome to 8th grade Science!

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 I love my job! My father was in the army for 30 years so I am thrilled that our school has such an amazing connection with military families. I come from a family of educators. We have chosen this profession because its rewards are immense.
I am looking forward to all of the wonderful learning experiences that we will be having this year.  I will work very hard to ensure that our learning goals are met and that each student is ready for high school.

Science Project Due Dates
Each student will complete a Science Project this year.
Sep. 16- Problem/Purpose/Hypothesis
Oct. 14 - Research Paper Rough Draft
Nov. 18- Experimental Design
Dec. 1 - Research Paper
Dec. 13 - Projects are due
Jan. 12 Campus Science Fair

Contact Me
(915) 822-8829 and leave a message with our angels in the front office.