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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

My name is Mr. Rulon and it is my pleasure to welcome you to a new school year at Nolan Richardson Middle School. It is my pleasure to be welcoming your student into our class.  Please read through the following policy and procedures for my classroom very carefully as it provides all the rules, regulations, grading procedures requirements and expectations of your student in my class.  Please keep in mind that any changes to this document are at the discretion of the teacher.  I will do my best to ensure you have been notified if any changes occur in the course of the year.

Instructional Goals:

  • To meet the requirements set forth by the state of Texas for Science TEKS ( Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).
  • To provide a technology rich environment so that each student exceeds the standard for Technology use.
  • To provide a warm, welcoming learning environment that embraces all levels of learners and nurtures their individual strengths.

    Grading Procedures:

    All classroom assignments/homework are worth 100 points.  All tests and projects are worth 100 points but will count for 2 grades. Science Fair Projects which are worth 5 grades.  If a child does not turn in an assignment during the class, then there are allowed to take assignment for homework and is due the next day at the beginning of the class period/assigned due date.  If the assignment is not turned in at the time it is due, the assignment is considered late and will result in a deduction of 10 points per day.  After three days the highest grade a student can receive for late assignment will be a 70%.  I would much rather have an assignment completed, then be forced to give any student a grade of “0.”

    Make Up Work

    Students who miss assignments due to an excused absence are expected to complete all missed assignments within a reasonable time (to be determined by District Policy and teacher) upon returning to school.  To find out about work that was assigned during their absences, students can call a friend, check a classmate’s agenda, or ask the teacher.  Tests must be made up during the first three days of the student returning to class.  In case of long-term absences, parents are encouraged to call the school office and request a list of assignments.


    Tutoring is available to all students,   but in order to ensure that all my students experience academic success, students who are in jeopardy of failing will be provided intervention:

    If student is failing

    Assigned to tutoring after a parent conference

  • Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday from 7:00am to 7:40am
  • After school Thursday and Friday from 2:50 to 3:35

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